Deep Six Character Descriptions

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Dirk Pitt - The main character of the novel, a James Bond type character.

Admiral James Sandecker - A close friend of the main character's, and also the Director of NUMA.

President of the United States - A character who although starts out with a clear and level head, gets corrupted by the Russians and becomes the victim of mind control.

Senator Marcus Larimer - A good man, also one who is outspoken against the President's international policies, unfortunately dies from over exertion after the sinking of the Leonid Andrevey.

Congressman Alan Moran - A character described as an oily weasel that tries to take over the government in the absence of the Vice President.

Dr. Aleksei Lugovoy - A psychologist who has perfected the ability to successfully brainwash someone, and who performs such activities on a VIP of the American government.

Sal Casio - A tenacious...

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