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Prelude, The San Marino

• The prelude introduces two important elements to the story, including Arta and the ship the San Marino.

• Arta is a woman who falls prey to temptation when she finds a passport with a similar looking and aged woman as her within.

• Arta studies the passport and all the places this other woman has been and assumes the identity of the woman.

• While in the identity Arta comes up with a scheme to rob the bank she works at and escape to live the rest of her life as Estelle Wallace.

• Although Arta is dependable, reliable, mousy and somewhat timid, the character she creates, Estelle Wallace, is wild and impetuous.

• Arta, who normally doesn't think of the large amounts of money she handles as a bank teller suddenly becomes entranced and views the money as hers, so creates a robbery scheme.
• Arta waits until Monday...

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