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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Tsu meet Mitsuko in Chapter 10?

2. What does Isobe learn about the little girl he is trying to locate?

3. What does Tsu think his Onion would do with the dead?

4. To what does Tsu compare the Ganges?

5. Why does Isobe travel out to a village in Chapter 8?

Short Essay Questions

1. Of what is Tsu capable only in his dreams?

2. What do Mitsuko and Numada witness, and what are Mitsuko's feelings about the event?

3. What happens when a group of Hindus see Sanja taking pictures of forbidden subjects?

4. What do the other tourist who return from the Ganges tell Mitsuko they saw?

5. Why is wrong with Kiguchi in Chapter 8, and how is Mitsuko involved?

6. What does Kiguchi do in remembrance of his friend and other dead soldiers?

7. What does Tsu tell Mitsuko as to why he dresses as he does?

8. When do the Hindus and Tsu rise in the morning?

9. Of what are the tourists concerned after the assassination in Chapter 9?

10. What does Isobe witness as he is getting drunk and wandering the streets in Chapter 10?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Many readers of fiction place themselves in the position of one character, wondering if they would do the same thing as that character. Discuss the following:

Do you think one of the values of literature is to serve as a reflection of oneself? Why or why not? Socrates said "Know thyself." How can reading a book such as Deep River help a reader to know him/herself? Do you find yourself reflecting on your own character and abilities when reading Deep River? Why or why not. Use examples from Deep River and your own life to support your answer.

Essay Topic 2

Reincarnation is talked about throughout the book.

Discuss what you think are the characters’ and the author’s view on reincarnation. Use examples from Deep River to support your discussion.

Essay Topic 3

Oftentimes, a book has more of a character-driven plot rather than action-driven, and oftentimes the other way. Some books seem to balance the two. Discuss the following:

What do you think it means to say that a plot is character-driven or action-driven? Which type of plot do you find more interesting? Why? Do you think it is possible to have a plot where action and character are developed to the same degree? Why or why not? What type of plot do you think Deep River is? Explain your response.

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