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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mitsuko enjoy sex with Tsu?
(a) She is disturbed by it.
(b) It makes her fall in love with Tsu.
(c) She thinks it is better than he believed sex would be.
(d) She is detached.

2. What does Tsu say when Mitsuko questions him about his religious beliefs?
(a) He is an atheist.
(b) He thinks Islam has many good idea.
(c) He leans towards Hindu.
(d) He does not know what he believes.

3. What does Enami wonder about concerning Mitsuko in Chapter 7?
(a) What it would be like to sleep with her.
(b) If she is happy with the man she is writing all the time.
(c) If she is a little insane.
(d) Why she avoids Isobe.

4. What does Isobe write about his wife?
(a) Haikus.
(b) Her daily prognosis.
(c) Funny stories.
(d) Nothing.

5. What do some students try to get Mitsuko to do concerning Tsu in Chapter 3?
(a) Convert him to Catholicism.
(b) Trick him.
(c) Seduce him.
(d) Convert him back to Buddhism.

6. Where did Numada grow up as a child?
(a) Beijing.
(b) India.
(c) Manchuria.
(d) Moscow.

7. Where do Mitsuko and her new husband go for their honeymoon?
(a) San Francisco.
(b) Moscow.
(c) Paris.
(d) Italy.

8. Who/what does Isobe's wife saying she has been talking to?
(a) A lizard.
(b) A hummingbird.
(c) Her deceased mother.
(d) A ginko tree.

9. What does Mrs. Sanja think of the bus that is transporting the tourists?
(a) It is very clean.
(b) It is very comfortable.
(c) The does not express an opinion about the bus.
(d) It is decrepit.

10. Why does Numada go into the hospital?
(a) He has to have heart surgery.
(b) He as an infected leg.
(c) He has tuberculosis.
(d) He has cancer.

11. What does the puppy do that Numada brings home as a boy?
(a) Chews up the family's stash of money.
(b) Avoids Numada's father.
(c) Pees on all the rugs.
(d) Whines at night.

12. Who does Numada's mother hire to help her?
(a) A Chinese girl named Lin Sing.
(b) No one; they can't afford help.
(c) A Mongolian girl name Tse.
(d) A Chinese boy named Li.

13. What does Kiguchi ask the tour guide about?
(a) About funerals for veterans.
(b) About the proper way to address a widow in Nepal.
(c) About a holy man who is almost 300 years old.
(d) About souls in a holding area in the Himalayas.

14. What does Kiguchi remember concerning his time as a soldier?
(a) It was not as horrific as some of his more recent life.
(b) A female nurse from the enemy side.
(c) The belief that he was doing the right thing.
(d) His trials as a soldier.

15. Where is Numada headed on the plane in Chapter 4?
(a) Mecca.
(b) Gibraltar.
(c) Delhi.
(d) Benares.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Moïra seduce?

2. What happens to young children who die in the town where the tourists are in Chapter 7?

3. Why does Kiguchi expect to be left in the jungle?

4. What happens when some coal goes missing at Numada's home when he is a boy?

5. What surrounds the Vishvan'tha temple?

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