Deep River Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Isobe learn about his wife in Chapter 1?

In Chapter 1, Isobe learns that his wife is dying of cancer and has three or four months to live.

2. Who is helping to care for Isobe, and what does he ask her not to tell Keiko?

A divorced young hospital volunteer, Miss Naruse, is helping care for Keiko. Isobe asks Miss Naruse not to tell his wife that she's dying.

3. What does Keiko ask Isobe to do as she wakes briefly from a coma before she dies?

Before Keiko dies, she wakes and tells Isobe urgently that she knows she will be reborn and that he must promise to look for her.

4. What information does Enami give the Japanese who are about to go to India on a tour?

The tour guide, Enami, gives the tourists instructions about what to expect, how to avoid illness, how to use the toilets, and about the caste system in India.

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