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The Ganges

This river is sacred to the Hindus, who travel to there when they are dying.


These places for healing or dying play an important role in the lives of several of the characters.

The Highway of Death

This is the name for the route that Kiguchi travels in Burma, as he and his fellow soldiers retreat.

The Onion

This is what Mitsuko and Tsu call God, because Mitsuko says that the word "God" means nothing to her.


Mitsuko goes here for her honeymoon and quickly becomes disenchanted with her husband, who is bored by the history and art of the city.


During Mitsuko's honeymoon, Mitsuko travels here and seeks out Tsu.

Myna Bird

When Numada is in the hospital with tuberculosis, his wife brings him thisird, which is Numada's confidant.

The Kultur Heim

This is the chapel at Mitsuko's university where Tsu goes...

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