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Chapters 1 & 2

• Isobe learns his wife, Keiko, is dying and has about four months to live, however, he tells her will take her to a hot springs when she gets better.

• Keiko tells Isobe that the ginko tree outside the window says that life never ends. As Isobe leaves Keiko’s room she takes his hand, which would normally embarrass him.

• While leaving the hospital, Isobe sees a happy couple winning on a game show and it seems to mock him. Isobe prevaricates about Keiko’s prognosis with her mother.

• The house feels empty to Isobe. His personality drove their adopted daughter away, but now that Keiko is in the hospital they are speaking again.

• Keiko’s illness gets worse and very painful, but the hospital delays giving morphine in hopes of extending her life. Isobe visits her daily and writes haikus to himself about her.

• Keiko has a...

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