Deep Lie: A Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

Stuart Woods
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1. In Chapter one, the story begins with a Swedish fisherman and his grandson. Explain the tragic event involving the two Swedes.

Oskar Oskarsson and his teenage grandson, Ebbe, are fishing in restricted Swedish waters when their fishing line gets hung up on a submerged Russian submarine. When the men try to get the line unhooked, the winch and trawl break. The winch swings and hits Ebbe, killing him. Oskarsson loses most of his hand.

2. Who is Jan Helder? What is his occupation? What is Helder's latest order?

Jan Helder is a Second Lieutenant and the Captain of a Whiskey Class submarine 184. Helder is ordered to report to the Chief Administrative Officer at staff headquarters in Leningrad.

3. What does the Chief Administrative Officer instruct Helder to do?

The Chief Administrative Officer instructs Helder to report for a secret mission. Helder is sent to the special ops group, known as SPETSNAZ. Helder will begin training under a man named Majorov.

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