Objects & Places from Deep Lie: A Novel

Stuart Woods
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This is where Majorov is training for the attack on the Swedish.

CIA Headquarters Langley, Virginia

This is where Kate, Simon, Alan Nixon and Ed Rawls work.


This is where Kate meets Will and Emilio.


This is where Kate goes to meet with Emilio Appicella about getting information on Majorov.

The Airport Bathroom

This is where Kate beat up the guy who had been following her.

New York

Some where close to this location is where Kate Rule met with Malakhov about Majorov.


This is where Helder slept and hid out after his first mission when he had to kill Sokolov.

The Lady Hamilton

This is the hotel Helder stayed at the first night after his first mission.

Beach House in Hoggarn

This is where Lee and Rule where brought after Helder was taken off the submarine.

The Soviet Union

This group is launching...

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