Daily Lessons for Teaching Deep Lie: A Novel

Stuart Woods
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1-5)


In Chapter one, the reader meets Oskar Oskarsson and his grandson, Ebbe. Discuss Oskarsson's role in the story and why his presence is important. Also learn about Oskarsson's activities on the water.


1. Oskar Oskarsson and his grandson, Ebbe, are out fishing in restricted waters off the coast of Sweden. Discuss the activities of the fishermen. Why do the men go into restricted waters? What types of fish do they intend to catch? Are any of the fish unusual? Are the men successful? What unusual object is found by the fishermen? What happens next? What might you do in a similar situation? What could have been done to change the outcome of the story? What can you predict by acknowledging the foreshadowing Woods uses in the story?

2. During the trip there is a great catastrophe involving Oskarsson's boat. Research and learn how and if the tragedy...

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