Deep Lie: A Novel Fun Activities

Stuart Woods
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Create a Puzzle

Create a crossword or word search puzzle using information from the book.

Study Computer Data Systems

Appicella is referred to as being a computer whiz. Although the book is somewhat outdated, the reader learns how Appicella gets into Majorov's system as well as others. What are Appicella's methods? Is he successful?

Draw a Picture

Draw a sketch of Majorov's compound, the submarine or one of the characters from the story.

Design a Military Uniform

Design a military uniform that might have been worn by the Soviet or Swedish Army. Try to be as historically accurate as possible.

Study Story Locations

Study the locations in the book, particularly Stockholm and other cities in Sweden. Also study the water ways traveled by Helder and others.

Write a Short Story

Write a short story from the point of view of a fisherman, like Oskar Oskarsson. Create the premise...

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