Deep Lie: A Novel Character Descriptions

Stuart Woods
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Katherine Rule

This character is a CIA agent in charge of Soviet Office of the Directorate of Intelligence.

Jan Helder

This character is a Soviet soldier who is training under Majorov.

Viktor Majorov

This character is the head of the training camp called Malibu.

Emilio Appicella

This character is an Italian computer whiz who is helping Kate get information on Majorov.

Will Lee

This character is an assistant to Senator Carr and is also Kate's boyfriend.

Alan Nixon

This character is Kate's boss and he also answers to her ex-husband Simon.

Simon Rule

This character is Kate Rule's ex-husband and also the Deputy Director for Operations.

Ed Rawls

This character is an old friend of Kate's and is helping her get the information she needs.

Sven Carlsson

This character is the man that Kate goes to see in Stockholm.

Trina Ragulin

This character is one of the girls...

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