Deep Lie: A Novel Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Stuart Woods
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Chapter 1-5

• Oskar Oskarsson and his grandson are fishing in restricted waters off the coast of Sweden.

• The fishing line gets hung up on a Russian sub.

• In trying to release the line, the winch and trawl break.

• The winch hits and kills Ebbe.

• Oskarsson loses much of his hand.

• Oskarsson is ordered to leave the restricted waters.
• Reader is introduced to Jan Helder.

• Helder is ordered to report to Leningrad.

• Helder will take part in special ops training with Majorov.

• Helder thinks the training camp looks more like a sports training facility.

• Helder must use an English accent.

• The nature of the mission is not revealed.

• Helder is introduced to Ragulin.
• Reader is introduced to Katharine Rule.

• Rule is investigating Majorov.

• Rule involves computer whiz Appicella.

• Rule asks boyfriend Will Lee about Majorov.

• Lee asks Rule to sail with him from Finland; the couple agrees to meet...

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