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James Rollins
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Short Answer Questions

1. How much time is left before the solar storm hits when Jack leaves in the Nautilus?

2. What ship did Houston watch sink?

3. As whom does the leader of the three men introduce himself?

4. Where does Ruzickov want Karen to be taken?

5. Where is Houston ordered by the Pentagon to go?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the preparations involved in Jack taking Perseus the distance necessary to rescue Karen?

2. Listening to the radio chatter, what does David realize and with what does he still have to bargain?

3. What does China do, what impact does it have on Nafe and why?

4. What does Karen realize after Jack agrees to her plan to expose David with her help?

5. What is Jack's plan to rescue Karen?

6. How does Karen help Jack after his melee with David depletes his power resources and leaves him dead in the water a short distance from Neptune?

7. What does Miyuki do when the attack begins, and what arrangements does she make?

8. How does Jack manage to escape from the top of Darong Island?

9. What happens when the Perseus takes a sample of the crystal obelisk?

10. What happens when Jack is on the phone with Charlie?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What makes Miyuki decide to take them all to Nan Madol? What is she hoping to find there? How does the extra person who returns from the Dragons with Karen and Jack figure prominently in this trip? What is his contribution to the exploration of Nan Madol? Where does he take them, and how does his knowledge of the area affect their ability to survive David's attack?

Essay Topic 2

How does Jack's trip to Okinawa change his life? In what way could it be said that Jack's life began again after a lengthy hiatus? Why had Jack been living in such an emotional vacuum? What is it about Karen that ultimately changes that for Jack? What draws her to him, and him to her? How does Gabriel play a large part in the matchmaking process although in an obscure way?

Essay Topic 3

Gabriel describes himself as the ghost in the machine. What does this reference mean? What exactly is Gabriel and what is his purpose? Are there other forms of self educating synthetic intelligences in existence today? If your answer is no, can you see the existence of such an artificial intelligence in your lifetime? What are the possible risks to creating a self educating awareness with global connections? How can these risks be overcome?

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