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James Rollins
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much gold did Jack get from the Kochi Maru before it sank into the lava?
(a) Three bars.
(b) Four bars.
(c) One bar.
(d) Two bars.

2. What is Vice President Nafe hoping to accomplish by blaming the Chinese for the accident?
(a) An excuse to send ships.
(b) A reason to sever ties.
(c) A reason to use nuclear power on them.
(d) An excuse to escalate trade costs.

3. How long does his clock register has passed in that time?
(a) Four minutes.
(b) Five minutes.
(c) Two minutes.
(d) Ten minutes.

4. What do Karen and Miyuki climb when they get out of the boat the next morning?
(a) A ladder.
(b) A statue.
(c) The first pyramid.
(d) A tree.

5. What does Karen take with them?
(a) An obelisk.
(b) A map.
(c) A rock sample.
(d) The crystal star on display.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what does Houston chastise Jack?

2. What happens to time when Jack touches the pincer of Nautilus to the obelisk?

3. What does Karen realize about the rows of symbols?

4. How is Weintraub initially identified?

5. Where is the crash site to which Jack and his crew have been summoned?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is unique about the symbols found in the tunnel by Karen and Miyuki?

2. Why does Karen refuse to return to the University after having seen the pyramids?

3. How has Jack managed to put together the funds for Deep Fathom and what has he done with it?

4. What makes Karen think that Rongorongo is the language being used in the hieroglyphics?

5. What is so important that it is worth risking arrest for Karen and Miyuki?

6. Why does David Spangler blame Jack for his sister's death?

7. Why is martial law in effect in Naha City, Japan?

8. What happens when Jack touches the obelisk in an effort to get a sample for Charlie?

9. About what does Lisa question Jack and why is it significant?

10. What discovery does Miyuki make that is impossible to explain although she can reproduce it?

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