Deep Fathom Short Essay - Answer Key

James Rollins
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1. What celebration rapidly becomes a nightmare?

The first solar eclipse of the new millennium rapidly becomes a nightmare when shortly after it begins, earthquakes follow of earth changing proportions. The Aleutians sink into the ocean while the Hawaiian Islands are bombarded by tsunami forces. Cities are burning and death is everywhere. Above ground, volcanoes erupt and under the ocean, new lava fissures open and change the landscape there as well.

2. Why is Jack Kirkland called by his former Commander, Mark Houston?

Jack Kirkland's former commander Mark Houston calls him to ask him and his crew for help. Air Force One had been caught in turbulence and crashed into the ocean during the world wide upheavals following the solar eclipse; Houston needs Jack and his submersible to help him to retrieve the black boxes on board Air Force One to definitively explain the reasons for the crash.

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