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James Rollins
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17, Change of Course.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jack plant as a distraction so that he and Karen can get away?
(a) A siren.
(b) A radio.
(c) A grenade.
(d) A C-4 Bomb.

2. What does the word 'Khamwau' mean?
(a) Danger.
(b) Life.
(c) Majestic.
(d) Love.

3. Where do they go from the airport?
(a) To the University.
(b) To the ruins.
(c) Sightseeing.
(d) To the bank.

4. What is happening to the signal from the circuitry David gave Jack?
(a) It is helping Miyuki.
(b) It is deteriorating.
(c) It is causing interference.
(d) It is affecting the clocks.

5. What does Houston want Jack to do before Jack has even surfaced?
(a) Go back for specific pieces.
(b) Return for bodies.
(c) Investigate the cause.
(d) Leave the area.

Short Answer Questions

1. What holds Jack up at the Okinawa airport?

2. Where do Karen and Miyuki come out?

3. How many men are standing guard on David's ship?

4. Where does Karen think the secret tunnel leads?

5. What mythic image does Karen remember?

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