Objects & Places from Deep Fathom

James Rollins
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Deep Fathom

This is an eighty-foot ship originally built as a research ship for the Woods Hole Institute in 1973.

Nautilus 2000

This is the new mini sub and a one-man submersible.

Kochi Maru

Translated to Spring Wind, this is a Japanese freighter that sank in WWII.


This is the university where Miyuki Nakano has her computer lab and Karen is studying for her doctorate on the outskirts of Naha.

Dragons of Okinawa

This is a pair of pyramids discovered submerged in 1991off the Island of Okinawa.


This is a satellite test model outfitted with a particle beam cannon.


This is a space shuttle that crashed killing all aboard but Jack.

Deep Drone

This is the navy's remotely operated deep sea robot.


This is the name given by the natives at Rapa Nui to the hieroglyphics found on hundreds of wooden tablets, staffs, and skulls discovered...

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