Deep Fathom Fun Activities

James Rollins
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Artistic Challenge

Draw the Dragons of Okinawa. Use as much detail as is provided in the novel. Use inserts to show tunnels, drawings, and other features.

Along for the Rongo

Create a language that might have been the original earth language, known by all inhabitants.

Jack's Attack

Draw your concept of a giant squid, sketched to scale with Nautilus.


Draw a scaled survey of the Dragons of Okinawa with as much detail as is provided in the novel.

Captain of Industry

Create a brochure for your new business - tour guide to the Dragons. Market your new adventure.

Caught In The Act!

Rewrite the chapter as if Karen and Miyuki are not been able to bluff their way past the guard when they are on their way to see the Dragons. How might this change their destinies?

Artifacts discovered.

The crystal Karen and Miyuki find has amazing...

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