Deep Fathom Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

James Rollins
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Essay Topic 1

There is tremendous political upheaval following the earthquakes and land mass disruptions. The crash of Air Force One is an added complication in which way? Despite the obvious tragedy of the crash, who stands to gain from it? What political shuffle is intended or created as a result? What reasons would the VP have to falsify the reasons for the crash. What motivates him politically and why? Who does Nafe invest in his plans? Could something of this nature happen in the political climate of our times? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

In times of severe crisis, people can be divided into two main categories. What are they? What behaviors can be attributed to each group? Compare and contrast the two groups, citing similarities if any exist and obvious differences. How do these two groups deal with the emotional trauma associated with disaster? Is the...

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