Deep Fathom Character Descriptions

James Rollins
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Jack Kirkland

This character is the Captain of Deep Fathom.

Karen Grace

This character came from British Columbia, Canada to study at Ryukyu University.

David Spangler

This character and the Omega team work for the CIA Director.

Lawrence Nafe

This character is the Vice President who assumes control when Air Force One goes down.

Miyuki Nakano

Currently on leave from a Japanese professorship at the University, this teacher worked for two years at a Palo Alto Internet firm.

Dr. Lisa Cummings

This UCLA doctor works with Jack on Deep Fathom.


This is the German shepherd Jack rescued as a pup.

Kendall McMillan

This is the accountant for Chase Manhattan Bank assigned to keep an eye on their investment.

Jennifer Spangler

This individual is a mission specialist aboard shuttle Atlantis who loses her life.

George Klein

This character smokes a thick pipe and is the one who makes...

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