Deep Fathom Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

James Rollins
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Chapter 1, Nautilus - Chapter 2, Dragons of Okinawa

• The earthquake and the first solar eclipse of the new millennium occur almost simultaneously.

• Aboard the Deep Fathom, Jack and his crew are attempting to salvage gold from the Kochi Maru deep in the ocean.

• On land, by night there is total chaos and bodies are everywhere.

• The Aleutian Islands are gone, fires burn everywhere, volcanoes are erupting and Hawaii suffers tsunami forces.

• The ground around the Kochi Maru opens and she sinks down into the lava below.

• In the air, Air Force One is hit by turbulence and goes down into the ocean.

• Jack Kirkland is called by his former commander, General Houston, to retrieve the black boxes.

• Ignoring the danger from open lava near by, Jack maneuvers inside the freighter to find the gold.

• As the ocean bed begins to shift, he finally finds the gold.

• Using the pincers...

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