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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Yamata's Columbus Group leads the new trend in buying what?
(a) Precious metals.
(b) U.S. land.
(c) Trade commodities.
(d) Oil.

2. When he arrives in America, Durling agrees to an urgent request for a meeting by whom?
(a) The Joint Chiefs of Staff.
(b) Jack Ryan.
(c) Pentagon officials.
(d) The Japanese ambassador.

3. What are Clark and Chavez ordered to do just as Kimberly Norton gets killed?
(a) Get her to safety.
(b) Bring her into their spy ring.
(c) Get information from her.
(d) Give her vital information on Goto.

4. What does Golovko offer Ryan when he visits Moscow?
(a) Russian military resources.
(b) Intelligence on Yamata.
(c) Details on India's navy.
(d) The help of currently inactive Russian agents in Japan.

5. Why does Cook agree to sell information to Nagumo?
(a) He needs money for a new house and college for his children.
(b) He doesn't know what information he is selling.
(c) He needs money for his mother, who has terminal cancer.
(d) He thinks Nagumo has orders from U.S. officials.

6. What development occurs in the FBI investigation on Vice-President Kealty shortly after the NTSB investigation?
(a) The FBI amasses enough evidence to arrest him.
(b) The FBI drops the case.
(c) President Durling grants him a pardon.
(d) Kealty flees the country.

7. What is the U.S. auto industry's response to the Trade Reform Act?
(a) They are making their own vehicles cheaper.
(b) They are gearing up for a resurgence.
(c) They are making their own vehicles safer.
(d) They are protesting it as anti-competitive.

8. Which of the following most accurately describe Goto?
(a) He is unliked and pragmatic.
(b) He is weak and unethical.
(c) He is stubborn and aggressive.
(d) He is cautious and timid.

9. What does NTSB conclude about the cause of explosions during the Cresta accidents?
(a) The accidents were caused by fuel-tank rusting from normal wear and tear.
(b) The accidents were caused by sabotage.
(c) The accidents were caused by faulty spark-plugs.
(d) The accidents were caused by improperly treated and corroded steel.

10. What is the former profession of the man Yamata contacts about the information regarding the Durling Administration?
(a) Investigative reporter.
(b) U.S. Congressman.
(c) Editor.
(d) Defense contractor.

11. What do Japanese banks start investing in shortly after the Trade Reform Act is passed?
(a) U.S. parts manufacturers.
(b) International commodities.
(c) International oil companies.
(d) U.S. Treasury notes.

12. Who asks Murray to postpone arresting Kealty?
(a) Foley.
(b) Durling.
(c) Hanson.
(d) Ryan.

13. What is the state of India when the novel begins?
(a) It is going through a major revolution.
(b) It is suffering from famine and starvation.
(c) Its navy is threatening Sri Lankan independence.
(d) It seized Tibet from China.

14. Why is Cook able to acquire the information that Yamata is seeking?
(a) He worked as a spy.
(b) He is a Deputy Assistant in the State Department.
(c) He is a former CIA operative.
(d) He is married to a high-ranking member of the administration.

15. What is the American reception of the new Crestas?
(a) They only sell a small number initially.
(b) They are quickly purchased by enthusiatic consumers.
(c) They are slowly purchased by discerning buyers.
(d) They are turned down over cheaper models.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Yamata want to know about the U.S. and Russian disarmament?

2. What is the reaction of the zaibatsu to the Trade Reform Act?

3. At the beginning of the novel, what job is Jack Ryan offered by President Durling?

4. Who leads the push for the Trade Reform Act?

5. When Ryan and the U.S. President are going to Moscow, what is being done with the nuclear warheads that Yamata possesses?

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