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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Abby tells the sorceress that she must see the _______________, who is Wizard Zorander himself.
(a) Second Wizard.
(b) First Wizard.
(c) Father Confessor.
(d) Master.

2. Abby once had a ___________, but this child died at birth, as she reveals to the Mother Confessor.
(a) Boy.
(b) Sister.
(c) Daughter.
(d) Brother.

3. What does Abby blame for causing her to have to be in the line to see the Wizard in order to have her request granted?
(a) Magic.
(b) A fire in her village.
(c) The invasion.
(d) Her mother.

4. Why did the people standing on the bridge move to the side, even though they did not have to do so?
(a) Earthquake.
(b) They did so naturally.
(c) Soldiers came through.
(d) They were asked.

5. The last time that Abby's bracelet had been tingling and had turned warm was when her mother _____________.
(a) Sang to her.
(b) Told her of the Mother Confessor.
(c) Left.
(d) Died.

6. The outer circle of the Grace symbol symbolizes the ___________ of the infinity of the spirit world out beyond.
(a) Beginnings.
(b) Movement.
(c) Truth.
(d) Spell.

7. The Mother Confessor says that the First Wizard uses his ________ to help him with questions and problems.
(a) Heart.
(b) Books.
(c) Wand.
(d) Mind.

8. It is said that you could lose your _________ if you were lucky enough to meet the Confessor's gaze, but your soul, if not.
(a) Mind.
(b) Joy.
(c) Sadness.
(d) Pain.

9. Abby notices that some of the soldiers were little more than _________, some from her homeland of Pendisan Reach.
(a) Men.
(b) Fathers.
(c) Boys.
(d) Friends.

10. Abby decides that her only hope is the __________, rather than the men with the lancers who trot by her while she waits in line.
(a) Old woman.
(b) Confessor.
(c) Wizard.
(d) Bone.

11. What does Abby nibble on as she is waiting on the bridge in order to hopefully see the wizards who live in the castle?
(a) Crust of bread.
(b) Piece of meat.
(c) Piece of cheese.
(d) Nothing.

12. Wizard Zorander asks Abby how many D'Haran she has seen and she answers that she has seen more D'Haran than __________.
(a) Stars.
(b) Locusts.
(c) Trees.
(d) Women and children.

13. What is able to mask the conversation of the sorceresses who are huddled on the white marble benches?
(a) The flutes.
(b) The noise of the crowd.
(c) Nothing.
(d) The water fountain.

14. The old lady in front of Abby tells Abby that there are people in the city who will sell a __________ such as the woman thinks Abby needs.
(a) Coin.
(b) Bone.
(c) Dress.
(d) Sack.

15. The old woman calls the men as mean as a __________ night, and just as cold, after the men cut in line in front of them.
(a) Winter.
(b) Summer.
(c) Dark moon.
(d) Fall.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who of the group who is going to see the First Wizard is content to remain in the back of the line?

2. What did the sorceress make Abby promise that she would do, even though Abby didn't really want to do so?

3. The sorceress reminds the people who want to see the First Wizard that he has also been named the wind of _________.

4. The First Wizard did not want to fight in the beginning of the war, but then realized it was his only _________ to save lives to do so.

5. What did the sorceress do as the people begin to walk down the hall to the place where they might ask their questions?

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