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The Midlands

This is the country that Panis Rahl attacks.

The Bracelet

Abby has this item that she receives from her mother.

The Gift

This item is what people in Midland call the ability to wield magic.

Lock of Hair

A nobleman comes to the Keep to talk to Wizard Zedd Zorander and carries this item.

Coney Crossing

This is the name of the village where Abby and her family lived and also where Abby's daughter and the rest of the people are taken captive.

Debt of Bones

This is something that when it is called upon, must be answered immediately. This situation can be passed down from generation to generation until it is paid in full.


This is a woman warrior that is skilled in how to kill those that have the gift. No magic can kill this warrior.

Shadow Person

This character is a shadowy...

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