Debt of Bones Character Descriptions

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While this character does not have the gift of magical powers, the reader will see that she has a great impact on those she meets.

Zedd Zorander

This cahracter is the most powerful wizard in the Keep and also called the First Wizard, the Trickster, and the Wind of Death.

Panis Rahl

This character is the one that is responsible for sending troops to the Midlands to make war.

Mother Confessor

This character helps another bring her petition to a person who she then saves from a Mord-Sith who is a woman warrior skilled in killing those with the gift.


This character is a sorceress that is loyal to the Midlands and to protecting the wizard.


This characters is a young daughter who is taken by D'Hara men.


This character is one of the people taken captive along with his daughter.


This character...

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