Debt of Bones Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Page 1-45

• Abby is waiting to see a wizard.

• Abby has a bracelet which was given to her by her mother.

• Abby meets with the sorceress who says that when a wish is not granted, it is because there is a greater need.

• The First Wizard agrees to meet with Abby.

• Abby goes into the room with the wizard and the Mother Confessor.

• The First Wizard shouts out to Thomas and tells him he will show him the exact spell.

Page 45-90

• The First Wizard draws the grace symbol.

• Abby explains to the people in the room the situation that is occurring because of the D'Haran.

• The Mother Confessor consoles Abby when the First Wizard says her request cannot be granted.

• Abby's mother told her to bring the bone for the First Wizard and the Mother Confessor to test.

• Mariska threatens Abby later in the night.

• The First...

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