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Short Answer Questions

1. Aschenbach spends all his time _________.

2. How many times has Aschenbach been divorced?

3. What expression does the man at the chapel give to Aschenbach?

4. Aschenbach's belief system and opinions are_________.

5. What is Aschenbach's father's profession?

Short Essay Questions

1. Now that Aschenbach is completely obsessed with Tadzio, how does Aschenbach spend his free time? What does this say about his transformation?

2. As Aschenbach is more and more obsessed with Tadzio, how does Aschenbach's writing now differ from before?

3. What about Tadzio does Aschenbach use for his writing? How does Aschenbach feel about writing this way?

4. How does Venice reflect Aschenbach's mental state?

5. What was suspicious about the gondolier? Why does he run away?

6. In what era does "Death In Venice" take place? What major historical landmark is referenced?

7. Why is Aschenbach excited about the possibility of Tadzio staying in Venice through the quarantine?

8. List a few adjectives that describe Aschenbach's mindset and philosophy on work ethic.

9. In Aschenbach's mind, Tadzio beckons Aschenbach to the water before Aschenbach dies. What does this say about Tadzio's real purpose?

10. What does Aschenbach believe is heroic? How does this aid his writing?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Tadzio is the most pivotal figure in Aschenbach's life during the time of "Death In Venice." Throughout the book he takes on many different roles. What is the greater purpose of Tadzio's representation?

Essay Topic 2

In what way do other characters steer Aschenbach? What does this say about Aschenbach and his mind, since his direct interactions are either brief or silent?

Essay Topic 3

Venice serves more significance to the story than being a simple stage.

1) What does Venice represent?

2) What do Venetians represent? What is a common characteristic of Venetians?

3) Why is Venice an effective stage for this story?

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