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Short Answer Questions

1. Approximately how old is Aschenbach?

2. When Aschenbach returns to the chapel at the end of his walk, the man has ___________.

3. What season is it at the beginning of "Death In Venice?"

4. How intelligent is Aschenbach?

5. The tone at the beginning of "Death In Venice" is ___________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What was suspicious about the gondolier? Why does he run away?

2. Does Aschenbach look at Tadzio analytically or with glorification?

3. What does the dream that Aschenbach has add to how the reader sees his transformation?

4. What effect did Aschenbach's parents' attributes have on him?

5. As the end of "Death In Venice" nears, is Aschenbach trying to disguise his feeling for Tadzio? In its place, what is the other costume he wears now?

6. How does Aschenbach experience the morning? What are the metaphors he uses?

7. Why is Aschenbach's writing popular?

8. How does Aschenbach's vision of Socrates and Phaedrus translate to him and Tadzio?

9. What happened to Aschenbach's wife? What is his family situation now?

10. Why does Aschenbach watch Tadzio?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Aschenbach has a complex relationship with "youth" in "Death In Venice."

1) What is Aschenbach's relationship to youth early in the book?

2) How does Aschenbach run parallel to youth throughout the book?

3) How do Aschenbach and youth intersect in "Death In Venice?"

4) How does death play a role in Aschenbach's relationship to youth?

Essay Topic 2

What is the symbolic and metaphorical significance of "the beach?" What purpose does it play other than a stage? What does it represent about Aschenbach's trip, transformation, and emotional and mental state?

Essay Topic 3

What does "dignity" mean to Aschenbach? How does his definition of "dignity" change through "Death In Venice?" How does he justify this change and cling to his dignity?

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