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Short Answer Questions

1. Aschenbach's childhood is characterized by _______.

2. Aschenbach sees a man at the chapel. What color is the man's hair?

3. The tone at the beginning of "Death In Venice" is ___________.

4. Aschenbach's work ethic could be called _________.

5. What is the cause of Aschenbach's anxiety?

Short Essay Questions

1. What delays Aschenbach's departure from Venice? Is he upset by this?

2. How does being an artist change Aschenbach's daily life? How does it set him apart from others?

3. List a few adjectives that describe Aschenbach's mindset and philosophy on work ethic.

4. What inspires Aschenbach to travel?

5. What is wrong with Aschenbach's physical health?

6. What are Aschenbach's feelings and justifications of his transformation at the beginning of Part Five?

7. What successes has Aschenbach achieved in life?

8. As Aschenbach is more and more obsessed with Tadzio, how does Aschenbach's writing now differ from before?

9. How much of Part One is either unspoken or indirect direction?

10. When does Aschenbach arrive in Pola? Why does he leave Pola?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

"Death In Venice" uses outside information and references to build up the vividness of the scene, story, and characters.

1) Explore Mann's use of Greek mythology and figures.

2) Explore Mann's use of outside, unexplained references (psychology, philosophy, politics, etc.)

3) Argue whether or not the book would have been complete without an understanding of this outside information. Argue whether or not it is a crutch.

Essay Topic 2

The narrator is in control of the way the readers see "Death In Venice." Why is the personality of the narrator crucial to the story? Why couldn't the story of "Death In Venice" exist without this narrator?

Essay Topic 3

What does Aschenbach represent about art, the political situation of the world at the time "Death In Venice" is set, and the city of Venice itself?

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