Death in Venice Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What successes has Aschenbach achieved in life?

Aschenbach is a very successful writer who is famous around the world. He first gained fame when he was very young and striving for success has consumed him his whole life. His success as a writer is mainly credited to his portrayal of his generation's ability to overcome obstacles.

2. In what era does "Death In Venice" take place? What major historical landmark is referenced?

At the beginning of "Death in Venice", the threat of an impending war is described. Other indicators hint that the time period is in the early twentieth century. Given that Aschenbach's homeland is Germany, the novella could be inferred to take place before the outbreak of World War One.

3. What are the physical attributes of the strange man Aschenbach encounters at the chapel?

The man is very pale with red hair, and has large teeth and a large Adam's Apple. Aschenbach identifies his dress and manner as that of a foreigner. The grimace this man gives Aschenbach when they make eye-contact is the most alarming of all to Aschenbach.

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