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Coloring Book

Make a coloring book of a few scenes of "Death In Venice." Focus on scenes when the narrator makes a specific note of color. Color in those objects with the appropriate colors.


Write a short journal, as a caricature of Aschenbach. Show the transition of Aschenbach's mindset. Take his mindset to the extreme.

Parody Skit or Monologue

Invent, write, and perform either a parody scene or monologue from "Death In Venice" making the characters humorous and exaggerated.

Be Mann

Write a speech as Mann discussing "Death In Venice." Discuss your purpose, influence, and aim in the book.

Write Like Aschenbach

Write a short story using Aschenbach's writing philosophy at the beginning of "Death in Venice." The story should represent your generation with the same ideals that Aschenbach uses.


Make a short film of "Death In Venice" that highlights the important images from the book...

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