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Essay Topic 1

In "Death In Venice," Mann uses colors to give dimension to characters and to represent themes. Write an essay discussing Mann's use of reoccurring colors to represent the themes and flesh out characters. What do these colors represent? When does Mann chose to use color? How can the development of the story and the transformation of Aschenbach be traced through color?

Essay Topic 2

In "Death In Venice", there are three men that Aschenbach has meaningful or pivotal encounters with.

1) Analyze the significance of his encounter with the man at the chapel.

2) Analyze Aschenbach's encounter with the Old Fop on the boat to Venice.

3) Analyze Aschenbach's encounter with the street performer.

4) How do all these men perform a similar service to Aschenbach? What do they inspire or evoke in him? How are their general presentations similar to each other? As a whole, what do they represent?

Essay Topic 3

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