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Part 1

• Gustav Aschenbach takes a walk and encounters an engraving on a mortuary chapel.

• At the chapel, Aschenbach encounters a foreign looking man who grimaces at him.

• Aschenbach is inspired to travel.

• He experiences a vivid daydream of an adventure.

• Aschenbach believes that a trip will help inspire him to write.

• Aschenbach returns to the chapel but the strange man is gone.

Part 2

• Part Two is a summary of Aschenbach's life up until the beginning point of the novella.

• He was the only son of his father, an officer, and his mother, an artist.

• As a writer, he received much artistic praise.

• His wife dies and leaves him with one daughter, now married.

• Aschenbach is now of a sickly disposition.

• His writing focuses on conquering the trials of humanity in his generation.

Part 3

• Aschenbach travels to an Adriatic island before redirecting to Venice

• After arriving in Venice, he...

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