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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Charley say a salesman is not?

2. Did his funeral meet Willy's expectations?

3. What deal does Biff claim is discussed with Bill Oliver and his partner?

4. What distance does Willy measure between the rows?

5. What was the problem with Willy's dreams?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Willy's reaction to Biff's attempt to tell the day's events truthfully?

2. Is Biff correct in saying of Willy that "He never knew who he was."?

3. Why did Willy never find true happiness?

4. What is wrong with Happy's assertion that "the only dream you can have [is] to come out number one man."?

5. What cautions does Ben advise concerning Willy's plan to commit suicide?

6. How is it that Biff has come to regard his father as a hypocrite?

7. According to Biff, what is at the core of Willy's (and his own) problems?

8. Did Willy Loman die in vain?

9. Is Charley's summation of Willy and his life as a salesman an accurate one?

10. What is Willy's final fantasy?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

"Death of a Salesman offers a pessimistic view of the citizen's place in the social world.'" Do you agree? Regardless of how you answer regarding Willy, what of his sons? Describe the likely futures of Biff and Happy.

Essay Topic 2

"The commercial world inhabited by Willy Loman is very different from that which operates in the twenty-first century. Willy's tragedy would be impossible today." Referring to the text and to your knowledge of today's world, either agree with or refute this statement.

Essay Topic 3

"Like tragic heroes, Willy Loman's fatal flaw is pride, but he is not a tragic hero." Do you agree? Explain your answer. If Willy is in fact a tragic hero, what makes him heroic? If he is not, explain why he is a protagonist at best, and should not be looked up to as a hero.

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