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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what object does Biff confront Willy?
(a) A gardening boot
(b) Bill Oliver's fountain pen
(c) The rubber tube from the vicinity of the heater
(d) The stockings left by the Woman in Boston

2. Ben refers to ____________ when he says: 'It's dark there, but full of diamonds."
(a) The jungle
(b) Death
(c) Alaska
(d) Tiffany's

3. How is the presence of the Woman given away?
(a) Biff sees her silk stockings on the bed.
(b) She drops a mirror in the bathroom.
(c) She laughs at Biff mimicking his Math teacher.
(d) She flushes the lavatory.

4. How does Biff convey his strong reluctance to see Bill Oliver?
(a) He says he would rather walk over hot coals than go back.
(b) He says a mad bear would have to chase him back into the place.
(c) He says a team of horses could not have dragged him back.
(d) He says wild horses wouldn't make him go back.

5. According to Charley, when was Willy a happy man?
(a) When he was on the road, traveling "with a smile and a shoeshine."
(b) When he was working "with a batch of cement."
(c) When he was at home, eating American cheese.
(d) When he was working "with his customers."

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Linda try to prevent Biff from doing?

2. What is the appearance of Bill Oliver's fountain pen?

3. How does Happy advise his brother to deal with the Bill Oliver matter?

4. Where does the Woman retreat to in the Boston hotel?

5. Which character is excited about jury duty?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is it again made evident that Willy Loman "had the wrong dreams"?

2. In what way, according to Willy, does a man have to "add up to something" when he leaves this world?

3. What information about his meeting with Bill Oliver does Biff supply to Willy?

4. Why does Charlie reply with just a grunt to Happy's angry attitude to his father's suicide and claim that "We would've helped him."?

5. What is wrong with Happy's assertion that "the only dream you can have [is] to come out number one man."?

6. What is one function of the figure of Ben in his last manifestation inside Willy's head?

7. What is Willy's reaction to Biff's attempt to tell the day's events truthfully?

8. Explain Happy's refusal to go with Biff and make a life for themselves in the country.

9. In what way is Willy's life echoed in Biff's account of his attempt to see Bill Oliver?

10. Why did Willy never find true happiness?

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