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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Stanley tell off the other waiter?
(a) For not clearing the table
(b) For stealing tips
(c) For staring at Willy
(d) For laughing at Willy

2. What was the problem with Willy's dreams?
(a) They went too far.
(b) They were nghtmarish.
(c) They did not go far enough.
(d) They were wrong.

3. What food does Happy want served at the restaurant?
(a) Large lobsters, claws on, cooked in champagne
(b) Lobster thermidor
(c) Balmain bugs imported from Australia, sauteed in garlic butter and served with wild rice and field mushrooms
(d) Strudel

4. What distance does Willy measure between the rows?
(a) One foot
(b) One chain
(c) One meter
(d) One inch

5. What does Willy imagine his funeral will reveal about him?
(a) His popularity and the affection and respect in which he is held.
(b) That he died the death of a salesman.
(c) That his life had been successful.
(d) That people appreciated his jokes and humor.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many home improvements does Linda mention Willy has undertaken?

2. How long does Biff wait to see Bill Oliver?

3. Biff speaking to whom when he says "'I know who I am, kid."

4. To whom is Willy referring when he says, "He thinks I'm nothing?"

5. Where does the Woman retreat to in the Boston hotel?

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