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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Willy tell Linda about his feelings for her?
(a) He says she is his support and his lover.
(b) He says he loves her.
(c) He says she is wonderful and that he does not deserve her.
(d) He says she is his foundation and support.

2. How does Willy refer to Howard?
(a) That asshole
(b) That snotnose
(c) That booby
(d) That little toad

3. According to Willy, what has left him unsettled and "temporary?"
(a) Worrying about the mortgage
(b) He never had a chance to get close to his father.
(c) Not being happy with Linda
(d) The wanderings around the countryside when he was a child

4. What metaphor about Willy does Linda use in her phone conversation with Biff?
(a) "He's like an old man rocking the boat."
(b) "He's like a boat looking for a harbor."
(c) "He's an old clipper with no skipper."
(d) "He's only a little boat looking for a harbor."

5. What is the outcome of Willy's visit to Howard?
(a) Howard tells Willy he must work in Boston.
(b) Willy is given the desk job that he wants.
(c) Willy is fired.
(d) Willy loses his temper and resigns.

Short Answer Questions

1. What suggests to us that Biff has returned from a journey?

2. What is it that Happy says he has always wanted?

3. What, in Willy's behavior, embarrasses Happy?

4. What does Willy admit to Charley?

5. Of what does Charley accuse Willy?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the audience learn about Linda from her great confrontation with her sons in Act 1?

2. Did Willy Loman die in vain?

3. What important idea in the play is referenced by Linda's words, 'He could be--anything--in that suit!"?

4. What is the significance of Happy's gift of flowers?

5. In what picturesque way does Linda reinforce for Biff that his father needs support and nurturing?

6. Explain the significance of Ben's words, "I have many enterprises, William, and I have never kept books."

7. What is Willy's reaction to Biff's attempt to tell the day's events truthfully?

8. Explain Happy's refusal to go with Biff and make a life for themselves in the country.

9. Why did Willy never find true happiness?

10. In what way is Willy's life echoed in Biff's account of his attempt to see Bill Oliver?

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