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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What great regret does Willy mention to Happy?
(a) Not buying new stockings for Linda
(b) Not going to Alaska with his brother
(c) Not talking to Mr Birnbaum about Biff's Math results
(d) Driving badly in Yonkers

2. To what does Bernard attribute Biff's lack of success after the age of seventeen?
(a) Biff has never been well-liked.
(b) Biff has never trained himself for anything.
(c) Bernard says people do not trust Biff to commit.
(d) Bernard simply has no idea.

3. What does Linda think will happen in Biff's meeting with Bill Oliver?
(a) Biff will ask Bill Oliver for a steady job.
(b) Biff will return the goods he stole a few years ago.
(c) Biff will ask for ten or fifteen thousand dollars.
(d) Biff will ask for thirty thousand dollars.

4. What sound is heard before the curtain rises?
(a) Stage hands moving sets about
(b) A melody played on a flute.
(c) Bagpipes playing a highland lament
(d) Fiddle music reminiscent of the countryside

5. How has Willy's salary rate changed?
(a) He is no longer paid overtime.
(b) He is to be paid according to a strict time sheet.
(c) His rate of commission has been reduced.
(d) He is now on commission only like a beginner.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Bill Oliver?

2. Why does Willy become annoyed with Linda?

3. What does Charley kid Willy about?

4. What is wrong with Biff whistling in the elevator?

5. How long has it taken the Lomans to pay off their house?

Short Essay Questions

1. Comment about Willy's assertion that "I never in my life told him anything but decent things."

2. What does the audience learn about Linda from her great confrontation with her sons in Act 1?

3. In what sense is Willy ironic when he comments that it is obscene for Biff not to have found himself by the age of thirty-four?

4. In what picturesque way does Linda reinforce for Biff that his father needs support and nurturing?

5. How do the Lomans react to Bernard's news that Biff must study for his coming exams?

6. Comment on the "gay and bright" music that is heard at the beginning of Act 2.

7. In the card game scene, what evidence of Willy's unused abilities is presented?

8. What is it that prevents Willy from accepting the offer of a job from Charley?

9. In the first few minutes of the play, what indications are there that Willy has an affinity with the artistic and creative?

10. How does Biff respond to Happy's question about his plans for the future?

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