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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What suggests to us that Biff has returned from a journey?
(a) A partially unpacked suitcase is on Biff's bed.
(b) Biff's suitcase is in the hall.
(c) Linda tells Willy she met the train.
(d) Linda mentions that Biff has "just got off [a] train."

2. What does Charley kid Willy about?
(a) His staying in the same house all those years.
(b) His weight, calling Willy a 'walrus'.
(c) Biff's obsession with football.
(d) He pretends to have forgotten Biff's big day of football.

3. Making an inference from Linda's words, what do you think is Angelo's occupation?
(a) Loan shark
(b) Car salesman
(c) Motor mechanic
(d) Attorney

4. What make of car does Willy currently drive?
(a) Chevrolet
(b) Citroen
(c) Studebaker
(d) Morris Minor

5. What change has Happy noticed in Biff?
(a) Biff has lost his old humor and confidence.
(b) Biff has lost his sense of humor and has become bad-tempered.
(c) Biff has become withdrawn and sad.
(d) Biff has put on weight and seems confused.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the core of Linda's appeal to her sons?

2. What statement of Ben's summarizes his business ethics?

3. According to Charley, what is the only thing Willy has in the world?

4. To what does Bernard attribute Biff's lack of success after the age of seventeen?

5. Where does Willy believe his company most needs him?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Happy's attitude to the news that his father is contemplating suicide?

2. How do the Lomans react to Bernard's news that Biff must study for his coming exams?

3. What is the significance of the way the Loman house is presented when the play begins?

4. What does Biff suggest he and Happy do to change their lives?

5. What does this conversation with Biff reveal about Happy's character?

6. In what way is Linda realistic about life?

7. What does the audience learn about Linda from her great confrontation with her sons in Act 1?

8. What erratic behavior of Willy's indicates that he is disintegrating emotionally?

9. In what way does the commercial world intrude into the wire recorder demonstration?

10. Comment on the "gay and bright" music that is heard at the beginning of Act 2.

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