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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What important admission does Willy make to Charley?
(a) That he has stolen Howard's fountain pen.
(b) That Biff discovered a secret in Boston.
(c) That Charley is the only friend he has.
(d) That Happy is about to be married.

2. What is it that Linda almost forgets to tell Willy?
(a) That he is to meet the boys for dinner at Frank's Chop House.
(b) That he is to give Charley an answer about a job.
(c) That she needs two hundred dollars to cover the month's expenses.
(d) That he is to meet Bill Oliver at Frank's Chop House.

3. What change has Happy noticed in Biff?
(a) Biff has put on weight and seems confused.
(b) Biff has lost his sense of humor and has become bad-tempered.
(c) Biff has lost his old humor and confidence.
(d) Biff has become withdrawn and sad.

4. How does Willy pay for Biff's radio correspondence course?
(a) He sells lumber stolen from a building site.
(b) He works harder and travels further.
(c) He skips some mortgage payments.
(d) He pawns a diamond watch that is a gift from Ben.

5. What is the outcome of Willy's visit to Howard?
(a) Willy is given the desk job that he wants.
(b) Willy is fired.
(c) Willy loses his temper and resigns.
(d) Howard tells Willy he must work in Boston.

Short Answer Questions

1. How has Willy's salary rate changed?

2. What is the core of Linda's appeal to her sons?

3. How did Ben and Willy's father support his family financially as they traveled?

4. What does Biff need to do in order to avoid flunking Math?

5. Where does Willy get the money he says is his pay?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Biff respond to Happy's question about his plans for the future?

2. In what way does the commercial world intrude into the wire recorder demonstration?

3. In the card game scene, what evidence of Willy's unused abilities is presented?

4. In what picturesque way does Linda reinforce for Biff that his father needs support and nurturing?

5. What is revealed about Willy during his hallucinatory return to the past?

6. In what way is the contrast between Willy's dreams and reality expressed in his conversation with Linda?

7. What does the audience learn about Linda from her great confrontation with her sons in Act 1?

8. Why does Willy say '"Im always in a race with the junkyard!"?

9. What is Linda's attitude to Willy's return?

10. How do the Lomans react to Bernard's news that Biff must study for his coming exams?

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