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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who brings flowers for Linda?
(a) Happy
(b) Bill Oliver
(c) Biff
(d) Willy

2. Who is Letta?
(a) Charley's secretary
(b) The woman in Boston
(c) Howard's secretary
(d) Miss Forsythe's friend

3. What uncomfortable truth does Biff expose?
(a) That no one in the house tells the truth.
(b) That Happy is gay.
(c) That Willy is having an affair.
(d) That Willy has been fired.

4. What does Happy fail to see in Biff's offer?
(a) He cannot see how it will make him any quick money.
(b) He cannot see that he will have to work hard.
(c) He cannot see how it will find him planty of girlfriends.
(d) He cannot see that it is an opportunity.

5. What is the guaranteed proposition Willy refers to as he "speaks" to Ben?
(a) The value of the mortgage
(b) The payout on Ben's life insurance
(c) His superannuation payout
(d) The payout on Willy's life insurance

6. What is Willy doing in the garden?
(a) Eating American cheese
(b) Watering the garden
(c) Sitting on the stoop, drinking
(d) Planting seeds

7. What does Linda order her sons to do?
(a) To help Willy plant his seeds.
(b) To give their father some money.
(c) To pack their things and leave immediately.
(d) To apologize to their father.

8. Why won't Willy shake hands with Biff?
(a) He thinks Biff is the scum of the earth.
(b) He is angry that he didn't get any dinner at the restaurant.
(c) He thinks Biff is trying to spite him and is angry.
(d) His hands are dirty from gardening.

9. What makes Willy feel broken and desperate?
(a) The thought that Biff might consider him a coward.
(b) That Linda would hate and despise him.
(c) The possibility that Linda might re-marry.
(d) The realization that Happy is only interested in getting the insurance money.

10. What circumstances have led to Biff's leaving in the past?
(a) There had been a family disagreement.
(b) He had gone overseas.
(c) He has had to go interstate to work.
(d) He had gone to live with a girlfriend.

11. Why does Linda stop picking up the flowers from the floor?
(a) There are no more flowers to pick up.
(b) She refuses anymore to act as a maid for her sons.
(c) Her back is painful.
(d) Happy picks up the flowers for her.

12. How does Biff convey his strong reluctance to see Bill Oliver?
(a) He says wild horses wouldn't make him go back.
(b) He says he would rather walk over hot coals than go back.
(c) He says a mad bear would have to chase him back into the place.
(d) He says a team of horses could not have dragged him back.

13. How does Happy explain Biff's behavior in leaving the restaurant?
(a) "He's been under a lot of pressure lately."
(b) "He has to catch a train in the morning."
(c) "He's having a breakdown."
(d) "He's just a little overstrung."

14. What University had Biff aspired to attend?
(a) Columbia
(b) The University of Virginia
(c) Yale
(d) Oral Roberts University

15. How long does Biff wait to see Bill Oliver?
(a) Six hours
(b) Six minutes
(c) Ten minutes
(d) Two hours

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Charley say is an "earthquake" for a salesman?

2. How many home improvements does Linda mention Willy has undertaken?

3. What makes Linda bewildered about Willy's suicide?

4. What is the woman wearing?

5. What sound can be heard behind Linda's last speech?

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