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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Biff reveals __________________ when he says, "I know who I am, kid."
(a) that he has a bad habit of talking down to other people
(b) that he has an agreeable personality
(c) that he has matured, experienced an insight
(d) hat he has just recovered from amnesia

2. What does Biff again offer to Happy?
(a) A partnership in a sporting goods retail enterprize
(b) To split the insurance money
(c) A future with him in the country
(d) A free dinner at Frank's Chop House

3. Where does the Woman retreat to in the Boston hotel?
(a) The ladies' bar
(b) The washroom
(c) The salon
(d) The pool-room

4. How is the presence of the Woman given away?
(a) She laughs at Biff mimicking his Math teacher.
(b) She drops a mirror in the bathroom.
(c) Biff sees her silk stockings on the bed.
(d) She flushes the lavatory.

5. What is the name of the hotel where Willy is staying in Boston?
(a) The King's Arms
(b) The Hilton
(c) The Dorchester
(d) The Standish Arms

6. How do we know the scene takes place at the close of the day?
(a) The stage directions indicate this.
(b) Charley says: 'It's getting Dark, Linda."
(c) Linda says: "Oh, it's getting dark."
(d) The moon can be seen coming up.

7. What makes Linda bewildered about Willy's suicide?
(a) He did not leave a note.
(b) He could have had the job Charley offered.
(c) He never said goodbye to her.
(d) They were just about free and clear financially.

8. How long does Biff wait to see Bill Oliver?
(a) Six hours
(b) Two hours
(c) Ten minutes
(d) Six minutes

9. What uncomfortable truth does Biff expose?
(a) That no one in the house tells the truth.
(b) That Happy is gay.
(c) That Willy is having an affair.
(d) That Willy has been fired.

10. What valuable observation does Biff make about his father's legacy?
(a) That Willy showed them all that you needed to keep smiling to avoid failure.
(b) That it should just be enough to support Linda for the rest of her life.
(c) That there is more of him in the front stoop than in all his sales.
(d) That they had better hurry and put in the claim for it.

11. How was Biff formerly employed at Bill Oliver's company?
(a) As a shipping clerk
(b) As a janitor
(c) As a salesman
(d) As an officer junior

12. Ben refers to ____________ when he says: 'It's dark there, but full of diamonds."
(a) Alaska
(b) Tiffany's
(c) The jungle
(d) Death

13. How has Biff passed Math in the past?
(a) Through studying hard
(b) Through practicing with Bernard
(c) By having his work re-marked
(d) Through cheating, Bernard giving him the answers.

14. What does Linda think is best?
(a) For Willy to have supper
(b) For Happy to leave
(c) For Biff to leave
(d) For Happy to clear away the garden tools

15. What is the appearance of Bill Oliver's fountain pen?
(a) Silver with a gold top
(b) Gold
(c) Silver
(d) Platinum with gold scrolling

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Stanley tell off the other waiter?

2. What other device is Willy using?

3. Where does Stanley suggest Willy buy seeds?

4. When Happy uses the word :strudel," to what is he referring?

5. What circumstances have led to Biff's leaving in the past?

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