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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Charley suggest to Linda that she might leave the graveside?
(a) He suggests that she looks tired and ill.
(b) He tells her it looks like rain.
(c) He points out that it is getting dark.
(d) He points out that it is getting cold.

2. What is the guaranteed proposition Willy refers to as he "speaks" to Ben?
(a) The value of the mortgage
(b) The payout on Willy's life insurance
(c) The payout on Ben's life insurance
(d) His superannuation payout

3. How does Happy explain Biff's behavior in leaving the restaurant?
(a) "He's been under a lot of pressure lately."
(b) "He's having a breakdown."
(c) "He has to catch a train in the morning."
(d) "He's just a little overstrung."

4. What lie does Biff accuse Happy of telling?
(a) That he is an assistant buyer.
(b) That he is getting married.
(c) That he is head of sales.
(d) That he is office manager.

5. Who mentions that the cemetery gates will soon be closing?
(a) Happy
(b) Charley
(c) Biff
(d) Howard

6. Who is Letta?
(a) The woman in Boston
(b) Howard's secretary
(c) Miss Forsythe's friend
(d) Charley's secretary

7. What does Biff again offer to Happy?
(a) A free dinner at Frank's Chop House
(b) A future with him in the country
(c) A partnership in a sporting goods retail enterprize
(d) To split the insurance money

8. Who does Happy dismiss as "just a guy?"
(a) Stanley
(b) Charley
(c) Willy
(d) Biff

9. What valuable observation does Biff make about his father's legacy?
(a) That there is more of him in the front stoop than in all his sales.
(b) That it should just be enough to support Linda for the rest of her life.
(c) That they had better hurry and put in the claim for it.
(d) That Willy showed them all that you needed to keep smiling to avoid failure.

10. What deal does Biff claim is discussed with Bill Oliver and his partner?
(a) The Fargo deal
(b) The Flushing Meadows deal
(c) The Florida deal
(d) The Louisiana Purchase

11. How much money is involved?
(a) Fifty thousand dollars
(b) Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars
(c) Twenty thousand dollars
(d) Two hundred thousand dollars

12. To whom is Willy referring when he says, "He thinks I'm nothing?"
(a) Charley
(b) Happy
(c) Biff
(d) Howard

13. Which character is excited about jury duty?
(a) Letta
(b) Jenny
(c) Linda
(d) Biff

14. Which character "never knew who he was?"
(a) Howard
(b) Biff
(c) Bernard
(d) Willy

15. What is the woman wearing?
(a) A towel
(b) A camisole
(c) A hat
(d) A black slip

Short Answer Questions

1. Biff reveals __________________ when he says, "I know who I am, kid."

2. What are the types of seeds Willy is planting?

3. What was the problem with Willy's dreams?

4. Where does Stanley suggest Willy buy seeds?

5. What does Biff suggest is the reason for his reluctance to have called on Oliver in the first place?

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