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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Willy believe his company most needs him?
(a) In Yonkers
(b) In New York
(c) In Florida
(d) In New England

2. How did Ben make his fortune?
(a) In Alaskan exploration
(b) In oil
(c) In diamond mines
(d) In the fur trade

3. What reason does Biff give Linda for Willy throwing him out?
(a) Biff has not paid enough board to his parents.
(b) Willy is uncomfortable around people who know he is a fake.
(c) Willy does not like Biff bringing girls home.
(d) Willy finds out Biff had been gambling.

4. How did Ben and Willy's father support his family financially as they traveled?
(a) By working in bars
(b) By selling agricultural machinery he had invented
(c) By giving flute concerts in every town they visited
(d) By selling the flutes he had made

5. Why does Willy call Charley "disgusting?"
(a) Because he always loses at cards.
(b) Because he smokes cigarettes.
(c) Because he insultsWilly by offering him a job.
(d) Because he cannot handle tools.

6. What statement of Ben's summarizes his business ethics?
(a) Treat business like a jungle and watch out for the monkeys.
(b) Do business on a handshake and fight fair.
(c) Never fight fair with a stranger.
(d) Always fight fair with a stranger.

7. What did the insurance inspector tell Linda?
(a) That they will not pay out again for a damaged car.
(b) That there is evidence that Willy's car accidents were not accidents.
(c) That Willy is behind in the premium.
(d) That Willy drives too fast.

8. What is wrong with Biff whistling in the elevator?
(a) It is tuneless.
(b) It annoys other people in the lift.
(c) It indicates he is over confident.
(d) It indicates he is irresponsible and childish.

9. What does Willy say about Biff's knowledge of sporting goods?
(a) That he knows sporting goods better than Adidas.
(b) That he has tried every brand, but Spalding is best.
(c) That he knows sporting goods better than Spalding.
(d) That he knows a good deal about the way basketballs are packed in cartons.

10. How does Willy obtain the materials for the stoop he adds to his house?
(a) He buys it at Wal-Mmart.
(b) He has Biff and Happy steal from a building site.
(c) He and Charlie steal the materials from a building site.
(d) He has Ben import the lumber from Alaska.

11. What sound is heard before the curtain rises?
(a) Stage hands moving sets about
(b) Bagpipes playing a highland lament
(c) A melody played on a flute.
(d) Fiddle music reminiscent of the countryside

12. What reason does Willy give for refusing Charley's offer?
(a) He says the offer is not generous enough.
(b) He stresses that he already has a job.
(c) He says he is too old to learn anything new.
(d) He is insulted.

13. What is it that Happy says he has always wanted?
(a) To become the merchandise manager and have his own apartment
(b) To have his own apartment, a car and plenty of women
(c) To be like his father
(d) To build a house on Long Island near his friend the merchandise manager

14. What surrounds the Salesman's house?
(a) Tall apartment buildings
(b) A wide stoop
(c) Office buildings
(d) Countryside

15. Making an inference from Linda's words, what do you think is Angelo's occupation?
(a) Motor mechanic
(b) Loan shark
(c) Attorney
(d) Car salesman

Short Answer Questions

1. For how long was Linda unable to contact Biff?

2. ___________ says "And, by God, I was rich."

3. What difference would it have made to his life if Willy had formed his own business?

4. At the beginning of Act Two, how does Willy express a new optimism?

5. What is a synonym for 'trepidation'?

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