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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Requiem.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Charley, when was Willy a happy man?
(a) When he was working "with his customers."
(b) When he was at home, eating American cheese.
(c) When he was on the road, traveling "with a smile and a shoeshine."
(d) When he was working "with a batch of cement."

2. What size stockings does the woman demand?
(a) Size eight
(b) Size sixteen
(c) Size nine
(d) Size five

3. Why does Willy need to borrow money from Charley?
(a) He has no money to buy Linda a birthday present.
(b) He has a loan shark after him and is terrified.
(c) He cannot afford his insurance premium.
(d) He cannot afford his next car payment.

4. Which is the first of several lies Happy tells Miss Forsythe?
(a) That Biff is a famous footballer
(b) That he is a famous footballer
(c) That he sells silk stockings
(d) That he is a champagne salesman

5. For what reason does Biff believe the Lomans are unsuccessful?
(a) They are not loyal and committed.
(b) They are not competitive enough.
(c) They do not belong in the city and should be working with their hands.
(d) They do not have a clear mission statement.

Short Answer Questions

1. What great regret does Willy mention to Happy?

2. Which character "never knew who he was?"

3. Why does Willy call Charley "disgusting?"

4. What food does Happy want served at the restaurant?

5. How has Willy's salary rate changed?

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