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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Requiem.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the guaranteed proposition Willy refers to as he "speaks" to Ben?
(a) His superannuation payout
(b) The payout on Willy's life insurance
(c) The value of the mortgage
(d) The payout on Ben's life insurance

2. At what point did Biff's attitude change, according to Bernard?
(a) Biff's conversation with the football coach
(b) Biff's attendance at a religious crusade
(c) Biff's trip to Yonkers
(d) Biff's trip to Boston

3. Why does Willy need to borrow money from Charley?
(a) He cannot afford his insurance premium.
(b) He has a loan shark after him and is terrified.
(c) He has no money to buy Linda a birthday present.
(d) He cannot afford his next car payment.

4. What sound can be heard behind Linda's last speech?
(a) Mozart's Requiem
(b) A flute
(c) Verdi's Requiem
(d) A harmonica.

5. How long has it taken the Lomans to pay off their house?
(a) Thirty-five years
(b) Twenty-five years
(c) Twenty years
(d) Thirty years

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Willy, what has left him unsettled and "temporary?"

2. What statement of Ben's summarizes his business ethics?

3. What implement is Willy using?

4. How does Willy obtain the materials for the stoop he adds to his house?

5. Why is Bernard in Charley's office?

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