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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Requiem.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What distance does Willy measure between the rows?
(a) One meter
(b) One chain
(c) One foot
(d) One inch

2. What difference would it have made to his life if Willy had formed his own business?
(a) He would have built a house on Long Island.
(b) He would have been able to travel in luxury.
(c) He would have been able to work from home.
(d) He would not have to leave home any more.

3. What does Linda try to prevent Biff from doing?
(a) Leaving for Alaska
(b) Going upstairs
(c) Talking to his father
(d) Accusing his father of lying

4. What other device is Willy using?
(a) A hurricane lantern
(b) A lawn edger
(c) A watering-can
(d) A flashlight

5. Who mentions that the cemetery gates will soon be closing?
(a) Howard
(b) Charley
(c) Happy
(d) Biff

Short Answer Questions

1. What size stockings does the woman demand?

2. What is Willy doing in the garden?

3. How has Biff passed Math in the past?

4. To whom is Willy referring when he says, "He thinks I'm nothing?"

5. Which character is excited about jury duty?

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