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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Pages 212-220.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What metaphor about Willy does Linda use in her phone conversation with Biff?
(a) "He's an old clipper with no skipper."
(b) "He's like a boat looking for a harbor."
(c) "He's only a little boat looking for a harbor."
(d) "He's like an old man rocking the boat."

2. What advice does Willy remember Ben giving him?
(a) Go to Africa and prospect for diamonds.
(b) Get out of the cities and buy a ranch.
(c) Open a diamond mine in Alaska.
(d) Get out of the cities and fight for a fortune in Alaska.

3. Why does Stanley tell off the other waiter?
(a) For not clearing the table
(b) For staring at Willy
(c) For laughing at Willy
(d) For stealing tips

4. What is the outcome of Willy's visit to Howard?
(a) Howard tells Willy he must work in Boston.
(b) Willy is given the desk job that he wants.
(c) Willy is fired.
(d) Willy loses his temper and resigns.

5. What is wrong with Biff whistling in the elevator?
(a) It is tuneless.
(b) It indicates he is irresponsible and childish.
(c) It indicates he is over confident.
(d) It annoys other people in the lift.

Short Answer Questions

1. What caution does Ben offer?

2. Ben refers to ____________ when he says: 'It's dark there, but full of diamonds."

3. Making an inference from Linda's words, what do you think is Angelo's occupation?

4. What lie does Biff accuse Happy of telling?

5. What makes Willy feel broken and desperate?

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