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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Pages 150-172.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Willy feel is a disgrace?
(a) Making less than thirty-five dollars per week
(b) Not being married by the age of thirty-four
(c) Not finding yourself by the age of thirty-four
(d) Living on a farm

2. Why does Willy call Charley "disgusting?"
(a) Because he insultsWilly by offering him a job.
(b) Because he always loses at cards.
(c) Because he smokes cigarettes.
(d) Because he cannot handle tools.

3. All the old buyers who loved Willy are ___________.
(a) retired to Florida
(b) dead or retired
(c) in New York
(d) in Boston

4. What does Biff say would make him happy?
(a) His father retiring
(b) To have his own apartment and a steady girlfriend
(c) His brother marrying and settling down
(d) His brother working with him out in the country

5. What sound is heard before the curtain rises?
(a) A melody played on a flute.
(b) Stage hands moving sets about
(c) Bagpipes playing a highland lament
(d) Fiddle music reminiscent of the countryside

Short Answer Questions

1. What make of car does Willy currently drive?

2. How does Willy obtain the materials for the stoop he adds to his house?

3. What did the insurance inspector tell Linda?

4. What ultimatum does Linda serve to her sons?

5. How did Ben make his fortune?

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