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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Pages 150-172.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What suggests to us that Biff has returned from a journey?
(a) Linda tells Willy she met the train.
(b) Biff's suitcase is in the hall.
(c) Linda mentions that Biff has "just got off [a] train."
(d) A partially unpacked suitcase is on Biff's bed.

2. All the old buyers who loved Willy are ___________.
(a) retired to Florida
(b) dead or retired
(c) in New York
(d) in Boston

3. What jobs has Biff mostly had since leaving school?
(a) Businessman and sales clerk
(b) Salesman and cattle herder
(c) Shipping clerk and horse-breeder
(d) Shipping clerk and salesman

4. What change has Happy noticed in Biff?
(a) Biff has lost his sense of humor and has become bad-tempered.
(b) Biff has put on weight and seems confused.
(c) Biff has lost his old humor and confidence.
(d) Biff has become withdrawn and sad.

5. What ultimatum does Linda serve to her sons?
(a) Either pay respect to their father or do not visit.
(b) Either they clean up their rooms or they will not be welcome again.
(c) Pay respect to their father or she will not talk to them.
(d) Either help out financially or stay away.

Short Answer Questions

1. What excuse does Charley give Willy for his visit?

2. What does Willy's plan for cutting off the tree branch show us about him?

3. In what way does Willy contradict himself in this opening scene?

4. For what reason does Willy think the builder should have been arrested?

5. What is a synonym for 'trepidation'?

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