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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Pages 130-149.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Willy feel is a disgrace?
(a) Not finding yourself by the age of thirty-four
(b) Living on a farm
(c) Not being married by the age of thirty-four
(d) Making less than thirty-five dollars per week

2. What worrying news does Bernard bring?
(a) He has heard that Mr Birnbaum is leaving the school.
(b) Biff has failed Math.
(c) He has heard Mr Birnbaum threatening to flunk Biff in Math.
(d) He has heard that someone else has won the sports scholarship.

3. What does Biff say would make him happy?
(a) His brother working with him out in the country
(b) His brother marrying and settling down
(c) His father retiring
(d) To have his own apartment and a steady girlfriend

4. Making an inference from Linda's words, what do you think is Angelo's occupation?
(a) Motor mechanic
(b) Car salesman
(c) Attorney
(d) Loan shark

5. In what way does Willy contradict himself in this opening scene?
(a) He boasts about his sales, then says he's a hopeless salesman.
(b) He first says that Biff is not lazy, then calls him "a lazy bum."
(c) He first asks Linda for a sandwich, then says he'll just drink some milk.
(d) Willy first describes Biff as "a lazy bum," then a few seconds later says "Biff--he's not lazy."

Short Answer Questions

1. What sort of debts do Willy and Linda have?

2. Why does Biff plan to visit Bill Oliver?

3. What happens as Willy is driving on the highway?

4. What does Willy say about Biff's knowledge of sporting goods?

5. What jobs has Biff mostly had since leaving school?

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