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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Pages 150-172.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Willy's plan for cutting off the tree branch show us about him?
(a) That he is not interested in preserving the environment.
(b) That he has practical common sense and is suited to outdoor work.
(c) That he could have been a tree surgeon.
(d) That he wants to steal lumber.

2. What make of car does Willy currently drive?
(a) Morris Minor
(b) Citroen
(c) Studebaker
(d) Chevrolet

3. What worrying news does Bernard bring?
(a) He has heard Mr Birnbaum threatening to flunk Biff in Math.
(b) He has heard that Mr Birnbaum is leaving the school.
(c) He has heard that someone else has won the sports scholarship.
(d) Biff has failed Math.

4. At what time does Happy give Linda some money?
(a) Her birthday
(b) Christmas
(c) Memorial Day
(d) Thanksgiving

5. What does Linda suggest is "not nice?"
(a) That Biff has Bernard help him cheat at Math.
(b) That Biff is driving a car without a licence.
(c) That Biff has stolen a football.
(d) That Biff is "stuck up."

Short Answer Questions

1. When Linda says "You notice?", what is she referring to?

2. What statement of Ben's summarizes his business ethics?

3. How did Ben make his fortune?

4. What does Willy tell Linda about his feelings for her?

5. According to Linda, in what way does Willy compare with many other people?

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