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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Pages 193-212.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What change has Happy noticed in Biff?
(a) Biff has lost his old humor and confidence.
(b) Biff has put on weight and seems confused.
(c) Biff has lost his sense of humor and has become bad-tempered.
(d) Biff has become withdrawn and sad.

2. What reason does Willy give for refusing Charley's offer?
(a) He says the offer is not generous enough.
(b) He says he is too old to learn anything new.
(c) He is insulted.
(d) He stresses that he already has a job.

3. To what does Bernard attribute Biff's lack of success after the age of seventeen?
(a) Bernard says people do not trust Biff to commit.
(b) Biff has never been well-liked.
(c) Bernard simply has no idea.
(d) Biff has never trained himself for anything.

4. For what reason does Willy think the builder should have been arrested?
(a) For harassment and fraud
(b) For cutting down two beautiful elm trees
(c) For building the bad-taste apartments
(d) For preventing Willy from growing carrots in his backyard

5. How was Biff formerly employed at Bill Oliver's company?
(a) As an officer junior
(b) As a salesman
(c) As a shipping clerk
(d) As a janitor

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Charley, what is the only thing Willy has in the world?

2. What does Willy feel is a disgrace?

3. At what time does Happy give Linda some money?

4. At what point did Biff's attitude change, according to Bernard?

5. How much does Linda have to pay for repair of the hot water system?

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