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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Pages 193-212.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Biff convey his strong reluctance to see Bill Oliver?
(a) He says a mad bear would have to chase him back into the place.
(b) He says he would rather walk over hot coals than go back.
(c) He says wild horses wouldn't make him go back.
(d) He says a team of horses could not have dragged him back.

2. What does Biff say would make him happy?
(a) His brother marrying and settling down
(b) To have his own apartment and a steady girlfriend
(c) His brother working with him out in the country
(d) His father retiring

3. Who does Happy say is his ideal girl?
(a) Someone with financial experience
(b) Someone who is a good cook and a good typist
(c) Someone like his mother
(d) Anyone he can look up to and who will help him get along

4. What make of car does Willy currently drive?
(a) Studebaker
(b) Morris Minor
(c) Citroen
(d) Chevrolet

5. Why does Biff no longer want Willy to intercede with Birnbaum over the Math failure?
(a) He knows it really would not work.
(b) He does not think Math is important.
(c) He no longer has respect for his father.
(d) He thinks it is now too late. He does not think Willy can argue well enough.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sort of cheese does Willy prefer?

2. What metaphor about Willy does Linda use in her phone conversation with Biff?

3. In his outburst, what does Biff call Willy?

4. Who does Linda refer to as "a philandering bum?"

5. Why is Bernard in Charley's office?

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