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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Pages 193-212.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Biff notice when he is in Bill Oliver's office?
(a) That there is a mahogany desk with a fountain pen lying on the blotter.
(b) That there are fine pictures, a dado rail and Huon pine paneling.
(c) That it has paneled walls.
(d) That there is a wire recorder on the desk.

2. What excuse does Charley give Willy for his visit?
(a) He remembers to tell Willy about an important job opportunity.
(b) He wants to play cards.
(c) He hears some noise so he thinks he would come in for a chat.
(d) He hears some noise and thinks something has happened.

3. What sound is heard before the curtain rises?
(a) A melody played on a flute.
(b) Stage hands moving sets about
(c) Bagpipes playing a highland lament
(d) Fiddle music reminiscent of the countryside

4. What sort of debts do Willy and Linda have?
(a) They are paying off household appliances and a repair of their roof.
(b) They are paying for roof repair and a new fan belt for the refrigerator.
(c) They are paying for roof repair and a new car.
(d) They have a heavy mortgage.

5. In what way does Willy contradict himself in this opening scene?
(a) He first says that Biff is not lazy, then calls him "a lazy bum."
(b) He first asks Linda for a sandwich, then says he'll just drink some milk.
(c) Willy first describes Biff as "a lazy bum," then a few seconds later says "Biff--he's not lazy."
(d) He boasts about his sales, then says he's a hopeless salesman.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Biff wait to see Bill Oliver?

2. What make of car does Willy currently drive?

3. Who is Bill Oliver?

4. What did the insurance inspector tell Linda?

5. What University had Biff aspired to attend?

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