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Lesson 1 (from Act 1, Pages 130-149)


Students will be informed about Arthur Miller's life and achievements. They will begin to appreciate Miller's stature in American and world drama.


1) Teacher's mini-lecture on Arthur Miller and his contribution to the American/world stage. Provide a short biography of this great playwright of the twentieth century.

2) Show students film clips (not entire films) of Miller plays/screenplays like The Crucible and The Misfits as well as a clip of Death of a Salesman. Point out that Miller was concerned to comment on matters of importance to Americans and the wider world, and that he wanted us to think about morality, ethics and the failure of "The American dream."

3) Class discussion: What is "The American Dream"? What is the history of this idea? Is it a noble failure, as many suggest, or has it been realized? Is it being realized all over America today? Why...

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