Death of a Salesman Character Descriptions

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Nerdish and quiet as a teenager, this character becomes a successful lawyer but is modest about his achievements.


This character is a loyal, tactful, yet often forthright friend to Willy and supports him in a practical sense.

Miss Forsythe

An attractive restaurant diner who is agreeable to male company.


This character is a capable office worker who finds Willy a nuisance at work

She is Howard's secretary and is presented as an efficient, businesslike, capable woman who is annoyed by Willy and considers him a nuisance. Her attitude toward Willy stands in sharp contrast to Linda's admiration of Willy.


This bubbly, somewhat dim character comes to the restaurant to meet Biff after her friend calls her.

She is a sugary, bubbly young woman who gives the impression that she has limited intelligence and is extremely available.

Ben Loman

This family member is rich beyond...

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