Death of a Salesman Character Descriptions

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Bernard - Nerdish and quiet as a teenager, this character becomes a successful lawyer but is modest about his achievements.

Charley - This character is a loyal, tactful, yet often forthright friend to Willy and supports him in a practical sense.

Miss Forsythe - An attractive restaurant diner who is agreeable to male company.

Jenny - This character is a capable office worker who finds Willy a nuisance at work

She is Howard's secretary and is presented as an efficient, businesslike, capable woman who is annoyed by Willy and considers him a nuisance. Her attitude toward Willy stands in sharp contrast to Linda's admiration of Willy.

Letta - This bubbly, somewhat dim character comes to the restaurant to meet Biff after her friend calls her.

She is a sugary, bubbly young woman who gives the impression that she has limited intelligence and is extremely available.

Ben Loman...

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