Death of a Salesman Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

* The play opens in the Lomans' simple home.

* An exhausted Willy Loman enters and goes to the kitchen where he is joined by wife Linda.

* Willy explains how he almost had a car accident so came home.

* Linda thinks Willy, at sixty, should be a salesman in New York.

* Linda and Willy discuss their sons and Willy remembers the past.

* Upstairs in their bedroom, the Loman sons Biff and Happy, overhear their parents' conversation.

* Linda is pleased Biff has returned home after an absence.

* Willy is angry about the way Biff seems to be wasting his life.

* Biff and Happy worry about their father and his poor driving.

* They are embarrassed that he is behaving oddly, talking to himself.

* The brothers express their dissatisfaction with the lives they are presently leading and Biff suggests to Happy that they go and work in the country.

* Happy...

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