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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gerardo say he is in favor of now?
(a) Killing Roberto.
(b) Raping Roberto.
(c) Letting Roberto go without the confession.
(d) An eye for an eye retaliation.

2. What composer does Dr. Miranda play while talking with Paulina in captivity?
(a) Beatles.
(b) Bach.
(c) Mahler.
(d) Schubert.

3. What is Gerardo trying to get Paulina to tell him?
(a) That she wants to divorce him.
(b) That she loves him.
(c) Something she had started to tell him years before.
(d) Why they must kill Roberto.

4. How many times does Gerardo say he and the woman had sex?
(a) One.
(b) Five.
(c) They did not have sex.
(d) Too numerous to count.

5. What does Paulina want Gerardo to do on the Investigating Committee?
(a) Lie so as to get the past over as quickly as possible.
(b) Be the voice of reason.
(c) She doesn't want him on the committee.
(d) Defend the truth.

6. What does Paulina say about the relationship between some doctors and the secret police?
(a) That the police used the doctors in their torture sessions.
(b) That the police believe doctors could not be trusted.
(c) That the doctors pretended to help the police, but were spying for the rebels.
(d) That the doctors and the police were on different sides of the political situation.

7. What is one possible symbolic meaning to this last scene?
(a) That God is the Judge of all people.
(b) That if you can't kill someone, you should not tie them up and threaten them.
(c) That Roberto will always be at least figuratively hanging over Paulina and Gerardo's shoulders.
(d) That the past is in the past and can no longer bother you in the present.

8. What do Gerardo and Paulina have with them on the terrace?
(a) A camera.
(b) A tape recorder.
(c) An impartial witness.
(d) Dinner.

9. What is uncertain about the arrival of Roberto?
(a) Roberto has a twin brother and it may be the twin and not Roberto.
(b) He has dyed his hair and had a nose job, so it's not certain if that is really Roberto.
(c) He was in prison, so he must have escaped.
(d) Whether he is actually there or if Paulina is imaging it.

10. How many lines does Paulina speak in this scene?
(a) None.
(b) Three.
(c) About ten.
(d) One.

11. What does Roberto state about the situation in question #126.
(a) That it was a patriotic thing the doctors did.
(b) That it was not true.
(c) That it had been investigated by the medical association.
(d) That the doctors were forced into the situation.

12. What is Roberto doing during the next part of the concert?
(a) Watching the musicians.
(b) He does not come into the concert hall.
(c) Speaking with his wife.
(d) Watching Paulina and Gerardo.

13. What does Paulina want to know about Gerardo's affair with this woman?
(a) How they met.
(b) If he loved her.
(c) If he wishes he was with her now.
(d) How many times they had sex.

14. What does she talk about doing to Roberto?
(a) Making him a eunuch.
(b) Blinding him.
(c) Dumping him in a bathtub full of scalding water.
(d) Raping him.

15. What song begins to play?
(a) Beethoven's Fur Elise.
(b) Schubert's Death and the Maiden.
(c) Bach's Brandenburg Concerto.
(d) Ravel's Bolero.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Paulina say when Gerardo asks if she intends to kill Roberto?

2. What does Gerardo ask of Paulina as she is talking about the above phrase?

3. What does Paulina intend to do once Roberto begins talking?

4. What does Gerardo ask of Roberto concerning Paulina?

5. Who enters as Paulina is paying for the candy?

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