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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Paulina intend to do once Roberto begins talking?
(a) Duct tape his mouth closed.
(b) Call the police to hear him.
(c) Tortue him if he lies.
(d) Record his words.

2. What is Paulina's relationship with her parents like?
(a) Estranged.
(b) Very close.
(c) Average daughter/parent relationship.
(d) Her parents are not mentioned in this scene.

3. What reason does Gerardo give in pleading with Roberto to indulge Paulina?
(a) That she is no longer certain about Roberto's identity.
(b) That she is one of many who feel they need vengeance for past wrongs.
(c) That she will forgive Roberto if he just confesses.
(d) That she is mentally unstable.

4. What is the first thing Roberto says when Paulina removes the gag?
(a) Says he is going to sue Paulina.
(b) Asks for water.
(c) Calls Paulina a bitch.
(d) Tells Paulina to go to hell.

5. Who does Roberto condemn?
(a) His adulterous wife.
(b) Paulina.
(c) Himself.
(d) Gerardo.

6. What alternative does Paulina offer Gerardo instead of his involvement?
(a) No alternative.
(b) That he can leave and never come back.
(c) That he can sit in the bedroom and listen.
(d) That he can call the police and have her arrested.

7. What does Gerardo say he is in favor of now?
(a) Killing Roberto.
(b) Letting Roberto go without the confession.
(c) Raping Roberto.
(d) An eye for an eye retaliation.

8. What announces the resumption of the concert?
(a) Nothing.
(b) A bell.
(c) A voice over the loud speaker.
(d) The dimming of the lights.

9. What does Gerardo ask of Paulina as she is talking about the above phrase?
(a) To go check out the meaning of the phrase on the internet.
(b) To stop being irrelevant to the task at hand.
(c) To not be so vulgar.
(d) To leave so he can continue to talk with Roberto.

10. What does Roberto state about the situation in question #126.
(a) That it had been investigated by the medical association.
(b) That it was a patriotic thing the doctors did.
(c) That it was not true.
(d) That the doctors were forced into the situation.

11. What does Paulina want of Gerardo?
(a) Him to kill Roberto.
(b) His to leave immediately.
(c) Him to assure her of his love.
(d) Him to stay with her.

12. What does Roberto state about Paulina?
(a) That he knew her when she was in elementary school.
(b) That she needs psychiatric care.
(c) That she is beautiful.
(d) That she is an admirable person.

13. Where is Roberto at the opening of this scene?
(a) They have let him go.
(b) Still tied up in the living room.
(c) Dead; his body is in the car trunk.
(d) Back in the bedroom sleeping.

14. What composer does Paulina want to listen to with Gerardo?
(a) Wagner.
(b) Bach.
(c) Ravel.
(d) Schubert.

15. What does Gerardo say Paulina will do if Roberto does not confess?
(a) Cut out his tongue.
(b) Kill him.
(c) Have Gerardo work him over with a billy club.
(d) Take him to the police.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Paulina looking when the stage goes dark?

2. What has Paulina not shared with Gerardo in the past?

3. To what does Roberto admit?

4. How much time has elapsed since the last scene?

5. Roberto asks what of Gerardo?

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