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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which character is NOT present in the last scene of the play?
(a) Aid-de-camp.
(b) Olunde.
(c) Amusa.
(d) Pilkings.

2. Which position is the soldier in that Olunde admires?
(a) Sergeant.
(b) Officer.
(c) Captain.
(d) Foot soldier.

3. What type of transportation does Olunde use to travel home as discussed in Act 1, Scene 3?
(a) Plane.
(b) Mail boat.
(c) WWII medical jet.
(d) Ship.

4. What does Elesin consider to be model wifely behavior?
(a) Silence.
(b) Love.
(c) Speaking in defense of her husband.
(d) Caring for children.

5. The Yoruba is a ___________ society, as stated within the text.
(a) Gracious.
(b) Complex.
(c) Secret.
(d) Angelic.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of outfit does Olunde wear?

2. Which word best describes Elesin's feelings toward Olunde's reaction to him?

3. Which type of formation are the couples in at the beginning of Act 1, Scene 4?

4. How many worlds are there in the spirit of the Yoruban race?

5. What type of clothes does Amusa wear, as described by another character?

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