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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Amusa react to the taunting women in the market in Act 1, Scene 3?
(a) He becomes consumed in anger.
(b) He fights.
(c) He retreats.
(d) He cries.

2. What is the Yoruban word for a rich, woven cloth?
(a) Alari.
(b) Robo.
(c) Etutu.
(d) Opele.

3. In addition to the Yoruban religion, there are several references made to this particular religion throughout the play.
(a) Christianity.
(b) Judaism.
(c) Mysticism.
(d) Islam.

4. What do the women of the market carry as they enter Elesin's cell?
(a) A coffin.
(b) Olunde.
(c) A pyre.
(d) Amusa.

5. Pilkings believes that the Prince will come to the dance dressed as ____________.
(a) A knight.
(b) A coat of arms.
(c) A court jester.
(d) He will not dress up.

6. What type of clothes does Amusa wear, as described by another character?
(a) A suit.
(b) Khaki.
(c) A captain's outfit.
(d) A blue uniform.

7. What does Jane call the scene of splendor as Olunde gestures toward it during their argument?
(a) Therapy.
(b) Decadence.
(c) Beauty.
(d) Life.

8. The Yoruba is a ___________ society, as stated within the text.
(a) Secret.
(b) Complex.
(c) Angelic.
(d) Gracious.

9. What word does Pilkings use to describe Yoruban customs?
(a) Horrific.
(b) Barbaric.
(c) Crazy.
(d) Noble.

10. Throughout the play there is a correlation between the death of the power of religion as well as the death of __________.
(a) The young.
(b) Culture.
(c) Faith.
(d) Ritual.

11. What animal does Elesin use to describe Pilkings' guards?
(a) Frogs.
(b) Lizards.
(c) Serpents.
(d) Snakes.

12. How many of the king's animals must be killed in order for him to make the transition properly?
(a) 5.
(b) 2.
(c) 1.
(d) 3.

13. In which color is the one who makes the transition dressed, as can be seen in the last scene of the play?
(a) Blue.
(b) Green.
(c) Purple.
(d) Red.

14. According to Olunde, what is the greatest art of the British?
(a) Sculpture.
(b) Painting.
(c) Survival.
(d) Throwing parties.

15. What type of outfit does Olunde wear?
(a) An ancestral mask.
(b) Khakis.
(c) A suit.
(d) African robes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the Yoruban term for a royal drum?

2. What does Pilkings steal from Elesin?

3. According to Elesin Oba, he is the master of what?

4. What does Elesin do to Olunde before he leaves for school?

5. To whom does Soyinka dedicate this play?

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