Daily Lessons for Teaching Death and the King's Horsemen

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Objective: Author's Note: The title of a book or play can suggest many things about the content. The objective of this lesson is for the students to analyze and evaluate the title of the play in order to develop some prior knowledge before they begin reading.

1) 1.) The class will begin with a brainstorming activity. The title, "Death and the King's Horseman" will appear on the board at the front of the class. The students will be told that this is the title of the play they are about to read. The students should shout out any ideas they have about the title that appears before them.

2.) The students should then engage in a think-pair-share activity with their neighbor. What do you believe to be the significance of the title before reading the actual play? Does the title seem foreboding?

3.) The students will then independently write an essay...

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